So who am I?

Originally from Seattle, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Western Washington University in 2020. Desiring a more creative and hands-on approach with my career though, I decided to pivot and shift my focus on pursuing the design side of technology. I have freelanced as a web designer, and expanded upon my skills in User Experience Design & Research through my Master’s degree in Information Management from the University of Washington in 2022.

For me, design is being thoughtful about improving our ability to experience and navigate the world around us. Whether it be crafting visuals or editing copy, I want to reduce the technical complexity of our increasingly digital world to ensure that as many users and communities can understand and benefit from new technological innovations.

My values

Go above and beyond, and not settling for mediocre
Researching, testing, and fine-tuning my ideas, I am constantly strategizing and thinking about multiple ways of how to approach a problem.

Two heads are always better than one
As an engineer, designer, and even from past experiences as an artist and pianist, I know that everyone brings a unique skill set to the team. Collaboration allows for thinking outside the box, and it always creates a better end-product in result.

Be present, engaged, and ready to learn
Feedback is essential for growth. I am always looking for ways to improve and learn from those around me, and I would not be where I am today without it.

A Fun Fact

During my undergraduate I studied Piano Performance through my Music minor, where I put the same amount of dedication into my craft as my primary studies. Here is my senior recital if anyone wants to watch it (it’s about a half-hour worth of music – all of it I had to memorize!)